Prepare to be a Future Star with United

London United Future StarsWe are very excited to announce a pioneering programme as a collaboration with our sports club London United and Alec Reed Academy based in Northolt. This sporting excellence programme designed for young aspiring basketball players successfully combines Further Education with competing regularly on the international scene. There is no escaping the fact that the most restricting factor stopping the development of English young players is the lack of constant contact with the international scene which denies them access to the most modern trends in the game and exposure to professional clubs. Thanks to our extensive international network of contacts and unique partnership with Alec Reed Academy we are able to create a situation where young athletes can fully experience life as a professional athlete combined with flexible educational programme.

London United Future Stars (2)In sporting terms, we are embarking on an unprecedented schedule where our students will play in the following competitions:
U19 European Youth Basketball League (EYBL)
U18 Men’s National League South Premier
U19 ABL or EABL (to be confirmed)
Senior Men Division 4 (based completely on U19 players)
Numerous International tournaments

The programme fully integrates sporting and academic performance with training and competition incorporated into the student’s timetables. Each student receives a tailor made fulltime programme consisting of a minimum of 10 hours on court training per week in addition to 4 hours of strength and conditioning training fully integrated with their full time academic programme of a wide choice of BTEC and A Level courses. Students graduating from our programmes will be offered numerous progression routes into British and USA Universities.

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To request more information about our Sporting Excellence Programme or to arrange a trial please get in touch using the information provided below:

Jack Majewski
Director of London United

Daniel Szatkowski
Head Coach